This Quick 5-step G&T Ice Cream Recipe Is What You Need For This Summer

Although the sky is still grey, summer is around the corner and, when the sun shows up, drinking some good G&Ts in the park is obligatory for us gin lovers! We enjoy a good drink, but what if you could make G&T ice cream at home? And what if we gave you a 5-step super easy recipe that not only takes no time, but it’s incredibly delicious and refreshing?


Forget Mr. Whippy, run to the shops, this recipe puts to shame Italian gelato! All you need is…



To make it, you basically just need to combine all the ingredients together and freeze it over night. Check out this article on the to find out the full explanation of the method 😉.


If you feel fancy and like to spice up your G&T with extra flavours we have got you covered!


Use JJ Whitley’s Elderflower Gin for a sweeter treat, you could also add 1 dash of St. Germain to make the flavour brighter and bolder.

If you are using a classic London Dry Gin like Boxer GinBroker’s Gin or William’s GB Gin you might want to infuse it over nightwith your preferred botanicals. For Boxer Gin we recommend cucumber and for Broker’s we suggest pink peppercorn, lightly crushed and dry mandarin peel. William’s Gin goes a treat with fresh ginger and dry lemon peel!

This recipe lends itself well to be adjusted to taste – I will make it with 6 O’Clock Sloe Gin just because it is just about the best thing I have ever tried…


Let us know you variations – happy cooking!


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