Chase: from Potatoes, to Tyrrells, to Gin

William’s Gin is the product of the evolution of great British produce, potatoes! It is the 3rd invention of the gourmand William Chase and, as EVERYONE loves the previous two, we are sure that GB Extra Dry Gin and Elegant 48 Gin will delight the most demanding palates.

The Story

William’s Chase story has three protagonists: potatoes, innovation and excellence. It all started in Herefordshire where William grew up farming potatoes. After 20 years of selling them to supermarkets as a commodity, he realised that he could get so much more out his great tasting veg. He travelled the world to source the equipment to make potato chips and, as a result, “Tyrrells” was born.


As Tyrrells grew, Mr. Chase stumbled upon his next business endeavour in the US in 2004 while he was looking for packaging equipment for the chips. He came across a small distillery that produced vodka made from potatoes and decided that it would be fun and interesting to open one himself back in Herefordshire. With no distilling experience but the best bespoke equipment to ensure superior quality, in the June of 2008 “Chase” vodka was born. Upon tasting it, it was so good that William decided to put his name on it!


When you have such a great ingredients and the perfect equipment to make alcohol it is obligatory to experiment producing different spirits. Gin was the next in line, made using the same distillate that is in William’s award-winning vodka. The farm to bottle process is what makes the difference here – quality is ensured in at every stage in the making of this gin and one can really taste it in the finished product!

The Making of The Gin

The process starts with diluting the raw spirit at 96% with the same amount of water from the farm in “Ginny”, the 250l Carter head style still. The botanicals are stuffed into a pillow case and placed into the carter head, where the flavours are infused into the vapours passing through. For the GB gin juniper buds and berries are infused to ensure that the gin distilled is extra dry. The other botanicals that carry a distinct and robust flavour include: cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, almond, coriander, cardamom, cloves, liquorice and lemon.

For the Elegant 48 gin, the process is a little more complex. Extra botanicals are added: hops, elderflower, juniper, Bramley apple and angelica, plus secret wild ones from the meadow on the Chase estate. These infuse into their apple-based spirit beautifully to help create a refreshing yet complex gin.


Williams GB Extra Dry Gin

Voted ‘double gold’ and best in class at the San Francisco spirits competition 2016. ABV – 40%. On the nose you get zesty citrus and warm spicy notes. The taste is junipery at first, followed by dark chocolate, lemon and rich spices. The finish is full bodied and robust with a dry finish.


Williams Elegant 48 Gin

“The perfect gin (ABV – 48%) to make the perfect gin martini”. You can really taste the rare varieties of apples from their 200 year old  cider orchards used to make the base spirit. On the nose you get fresh aromas of juniper, citrus fruit and spices. To the taste it is elegant, crisp and fruity followed by warm spices and earthy undertones. The finish is full bodied, aromatic, complex.


The Perfect G&T Serves

Wet The Royal Babies Head

  • 50ml Williams 48 Elegant Gin
  • 200ml Tonic Water
  • Lots of ice
  • Garnish with half an apple slice and an Earl Grey Tea Bag – Properly British.



Gb Gin And Tonic

  • 50ml Williams GB Gin
  • Lots of ice
  • Top with premium tonic water
  • Garnish with fresh slices of ginger and lemon



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