elderflower gin review

Elderflower Gin Review and Guide

With summer officially here, what better way to kick back the sunniest season than with the sweet floral taste of an elderflower gin.

Elderflower gins can offer up that fantastic unique elderflower flavour, perfect for winding down on a hot summer evening with its fresh floral notes. Here, ILoveGin explore the wonderful world of elderflower gin, including what it tastes like, the best mixers for it and where to find it.


Types of Elderflower Gin

There are various types of elderflower gins out there, including JJ Whitley’s Elderflower Gin. When talking about elderflower gin, this will typically refer to elderflower flavoured gin, part of the flavoured gin category.




Favoured gins are different to traditional gins. To be classed as a traditional gin, the predominant flavour must be juniper. This isn’t the case for flavoured gins, as they explore a range of different flavours to dominate and compliment the spirit, including the sweet and floral taste of elderflower.

You can also get elderflower tonics to compliment certain gins, creating an elderflower G&T, popular favourites including:


What Are The Elderflower Gin Tasting Notes?

JJ Whitley’s Elderflower Gin has a floral sweetness to it, with a combination of cinnamon and honey rounding up the sweetness, whilst the taste of orange blossom adds a characteristically citrusy taste. The mixture of florals and sweet flavours are meant to be “Reminiscent of a summer evening in the British Countryside watching the sun that is ready to set.”

While you’d expect all elderflower gins to taste primarily of, well, elderflower, the precise tasting notes of each elderflower gin will depend upon the gin. For example, while JJ Whitley’s Elderflower Gin holds a sweet taste of cinnamon and honey alongside the citrusy orange blossom, others may instead use other flavours to enhance different elements of the elderflower – e.g., lemon zest or pear.


What is the Best Mixer for Elderflower Gin?

The best mixer for elderflower gin will depend upon the type of gin you’re going for – JJ Whitley’s Elderflower Gin’s signature serve said to include:

  • JJ Whitley Elderflower Gin (50ml)
  • Premium light tonic water
  • Lemon wedge (to garnish)
  • Cubed ice

For the method, it’s suggested to first add the cubed ice into a large balloon glass, before pouring in the 50ml of JJ Whitley gin. Then, top this with a premium light tonic water, stir well and garnish with the lemon wedge.

This gin is also fantastic on its own on the rocks, but is ideally suited to use as the base of a summer-themed cocktail, such as The Daresbury Garden Party, which includes:

  • JJ Whitley Elderflower Gin (35ml)
  • Dry Sparkling Wine (90ml)
  • Lemon zest (to garnish)

For the method, you’ll firstly have to fill a flute with the 35ml of JJ Whitley gin, top this up with the sparkling wine and garnish with the lemon zest.


Where Can I Buy Elderflower Gin?

You can find elderflower gin through the ILoveGin shop, including 70CL bottled of JJ Whitley Elderflower Gin for £16. Through the shop, you’ll also be able to find light tonics to mix with elderflower gin, as well as elderflower tonics such as Franklin & Sons Elderflower and Cucumber Tonic and The London Essence Company Bitter Orange and Elderflower Tonic.




For those wanting to explore even more new and exciting gins, why not join our Gin Club? Members get two different miniature gins delivered every month alongside complimenting tonics and mixers, helping you discover your new-found favourites of this classic tipple.

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