Floral Gin Float 🌸

If you enjoy floral gins, you will love this recipe! Remember sipping a Coke Float? Well this is 100% better! Perfect with The Secret Garden Elderflower & Jasmine Gin and Belvoir Farm Sparkling Elderflower.

Floral Gin Float Recipe


50ml Floral Gin (We used The Secret Garden Elderflower & Jasmine Gin)

100-200ml Elderflower Tonic or Mixer (we used
Belvoir Farm Sparkling Elderflower.)

2 scoops of good quality Vanilla Ice-Cream

Reusable or paper straw


Add the scoops of ice cream into a glass.

Pour over your gin and slowly add the tonic/mixer (you don’t want it to froth everywhere too much!)

Enjoy through your reusable straw!

Check out how easy it really is in my video below 🙂



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