Pink Pepper Gin is a true labour of love!

Intensely aromatic, bold with spicy notes of pink peppercorns, Pink Pepper Gin has a beautiful balance of juniper with the warmth of honey, tonka and vanilla. Each batch of Pink Pepper Gin is dedicated to family members and good friends of the Audemus story. This gin is a true labour of love!


The Story

Pink Pepper Gin is Audemus’ flagship spirit! it was created from a desire to make an aromatically bold and complex new-style gin. The gin is made by Miko Abouaf and Ian Spink in Cognac, France, under the Audemus Spirits brand. They wanted to steer away from the dry juniper-lead style of gins and created a spirit which will evolve and change depending on how it’s enjoyed.

Audemus Spirits brand is company founded by Miko Abouaf in May 2013. It was initially established as a spirit company that would would create bespoke spirits for others.


The Gin

Pink Pepper Gin became very popular quickly! A 25-litre low pressure, glass vacuum still is used, with each botanical steeped and distilled separately. The low pressure and temperature used creates concentrated aromatic extracts. The recipe has 9 botanicals, including hand-picked Spanish pink peppercorns, juniper, cardamom, honey, tonka beans and vanilla. Together with three secret, distilled ingredients, each batch of Pink Pepper Gin takes months to create – it’s a true labour of love, resulting in a smooth and elegant gin!     


This gin is designed to age. Audemus Spirits note that you will taste the pink peppercorns, juniper and cardamom more in a young bottle. Whereas the vanilla, tonka beans and honey will come through more in an aged bottle.

On the palate the gin is full bodied and intensely aromatic. Perfect for sipping or for enjoying in cocktails.

Perfect Serve



Pink Pepper Gin is delicious with Fever-Tree Aromatic Tonic Water and garnished with grapefruit peel.






Do you have a bottle of Pink Pepper Gin? Find out about the person behind the batch here


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