The Ingenious Chemistry Behind Sacred Gin

“Miraculous…a taste bomb which makes just about every other gin taste like smokey firewater…a stand-alone sipping marvel.” Robert Sandall, GQ

Do you remember when at school you thought that all those hours spent studying maths and chemistry were wasted – “because you’ll never become a chemist without a calculator”. Well, if Ian Hart – the founder of Sacred – skipped his homework, his Gin wouldn’t be anywhere near as special and delicious!

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Is Scotland the New Spiritual Home of Gin?

Stick your head through one of Ugly Betty’s portholes and you get a fragrant burst of juniper, coriander, orange and cinnamon. This bulbous copper pot still, complete with large chimney and heavy duty escape hatch, is reminiscent of an ancient time-machine or underwater sub. But Ugly Betty’s mission is to produce large quantities of gin.

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World Gin Day Gin

Have You Heard of World Gin Day Gin!?

What better way to celebrate the best day of the year (in our minds anyway!), that is World Gin Day, than with a bottle of gin made especially celebrate the day!

On Saturday 10th June over 100 events will be happening all over the world in bars, hotels and other venues to celebrate #WorldGinDay, and the creator of this wonderful day Emma Stokes (aka Gin Monkey) have teamed up with That Boutique-y Gin Company to create the unique “World Gin Day 7 Continents Gin”. it features a single botanical from each continent. So from Europe, the classic (and required) Juniper is added, followed by North American Angelica Root, Asian Cinnamon, African Liquorice Root, Australian Coriander Seed and South American Lime Zest. The gin is then treated to one final pinch of Antartic sea salt!

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This Quick 5-step G&T Ice Cream Recipe Is What You Need For This Summer

Although the sky is still grey, summer is around the corner and, when the sun shows up, drinking some good G&Ts in the park is obligatory for us gin lovers! We enjoy a good drink, but what if you could make G&T ice cream at home? And what if we gave you a 5-step super easy recipe that not only takes no time, but it’s incredibly delicious and refreshing?

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gin and tonic ice cream parlour

A Gin & Tonic Ice Cream Parlour Is Opening Soon

What could be better than G&T ice cream on a nice sunny day! Well, when we heard about a G&T ice cream parlour that was opening up we asked ourselves this and were stuck for things that were better.

Opening on June 9th for only 2 days (to coincide with World Gin Day on the 10th) the popup parlour will serve gin infused ice cream with a range of toppings such as dried olive, crystallised rosemary and even gin-soaked orange peel!

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Gin and Jam is YUM!

This drink by HonestlyYUM looked too good not to share with you! If you have had a Breakfast Martini and you liked it, this one is definitely right up your street. Unlike the Breakfast Martini, this cocktail is super easy to mix, you just need to make sure you have got the best quality ingredients to get the taste right!

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Chase: from Potatoes, to Tyrrells, to Gin

William’s Gin is the product of the evolution of great British produce, potatoes! It is the 3rd invention of the gourmand William Chase and, as EVERYONE loves the previous two, we are sure that GB Extra Dry Gin and Elegant 48 Gin will delight the most demanding palates.

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Broker’s, The Gin With The Bowler Hat

Founded by the two brothers Andy and Martin Dawson in 1998, Broker’s is an exceptional gin and just like the British humour, it is delightfully dry. The very well balanced recipe is 200 years old and, despite the various attempts to modernize it, it cannot possibly be improved…

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Kokoro, The Gin With a Japanese Heart

Kokoro is an exceptional British London Dry Gin with a Japanese heart, where the spirit of the forest lies. The ingredient that makes this gin recognisable and incredibly enjoyable comes all the way from the Afan woods in the land of rising sun! Its story is one of love and respect for something that we too often take for granted, the environment we live in and what it has to offer.

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You Can Make Your Own Gin at These Distilleries Around the UK!

The time has finally come in which you’ll be able to sip on the perfect gin, made by you, from scratch! Gin producers around the UK are organising distilling classes open to anyone who thinks that the most delicious gin has yet to be invented. The game plan is similar in most places: the experience starts with a G&T and a distillery tour, you’ll then sit with an expert who’ll teach you about distillation and the favours of botanicals before having a go at making your own gin!

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