The 7 Gin Cocktails You Haven’t Heard of… Until Now!

…perhaps because too good to spread the word 😉

If you are a cocktail lover, you’ll know that every drink changes when using a different brand of base spirit. These Peacocktails are particularly delicious because all the flavours to work perfectly together when made with Pickering’s gin but feel free to experiment and make them using another of your favourite gins too!

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5 Gin Cocktails You Need to Make This Summer

Summer is here! And what is the best way to celebrate the sun? A good drink in the park, of course! This month ILoveGin loves Sacred Gin, one of the tastiest inventions of the last couple of years. Made in the most peculiar way, it is perfect to make cocktails and G&Ts shine. Here are some delicious ones you need to try using it…

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The Ingenious Chemistry Behind Sacred Gin

“Miraculous…a taste bomb which makes just about every other gin taste like smokey firewater…a stand-alone sipping marvel.” Robert Sandall, GQ

Do you remember when at school you thought that all those hours spent studying maths and chemistry were wasted – “because you’ll never become a chemist without a calculator”. Well, if Ian Hart – the founder of Sacred – skipped his homework, his Gin wouldn’t be anywhere near as special and delicious!

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This Quick 5-step G&T Ice Cream Recipe Is What You Need For This Summer

Although the sky is still grey, summer is around the corner and, when the sun shows up, drinking some good G&Ts in the park is obligatory for us gin lovers! We enjoy a good drink, but what if you could make G&T ice cream at home? And what if we gave you a 5-step super easy recipe that not only takes no time, but it’s incredibly delicious and refreshing?

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Gin and Jam is YUM!

This drink by HonestlyYUM looked too good not to share with you! If you have had a Breakfast Martini and you liked it, this one is definitely right up your street. Unlike the Breakfast Martini, this cocktail is super easy to mix, you just need to make sure you have got the best quality ingredients to get the taste right!

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gin curd tart

Grapefruit & Gin Curd Tart with Lemon Thyme Cream Recipe

As much as we love drinking gin, there comes a time when we want to be a little different with it and that’s when we decide that the only sensible choice is to start baking with it! That’s when a friendly gin baker comes into his element. We sent him over our spirit of Cornwall box which includes two Tarquin’s gins and left him to his magic and he came up with this delicious recipe!

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gin and tonic marshmallow recipe

Here’s How To Make Gin & Tonic Marshmallows

The love for gin has really grown in the last few years, but no matter if you’ve loved it for twenty years or you’ve only recently got into it, you’ll love this little treat of a recipe. We stumbled across this wonderful Gin & Tonic marshmallow recipe the other week and realised it sounds like something we know any gin lover would want to know about it.

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