Blood orange gin

You need to try J.J Whitley Blood Orange Gin! 🧡

Blood orange season is here! These oranges are beautifully coloured, sweet, and well worth enjoying during their short season! We know the perfect gin to celebrate! English distiller J.J Whitley have a delicious Blood Orange edition that you just need to try!


The Story

Everything started in 1762 when Thomas Greenall set up the first distillery. Since the 1800s, Constance the copper still has seen more botanicals and juniper berries than David Attenborough has seen in his lifetime of adventures.T

Johnny grew up in a family which lived and breathed Gin for as long as he can remember. His fascination for this juniper based spirit was spurred on by his Grandmother, the owner of Greenall’s at the time. She guided him in his journey to understand how different botanicals affect the taste of Gin and fostered his ambition to produce his own blend later in life. His Father was a Director of the Greenall’s distillery and brewery, so he had the opportunity to observe and learn the incredibly valuable traditional methods he used to produce Whitley Neill Gin.

Johnny’s J.J. Whitley Gin is named after his great Grand Father who was the Managing Director at Greenall’s. His life inspired Johnny to go back to the roots and produce a very English Gin using the botanicals you’d find in a vicarage garden. Johnny’s creativity and drive to add new, innovative flavours brought him to spice up the traditional smooth and crisp London Dry Gin adding Elderflower and Nettle to produce two peculiar concoctions. The J.J. Whitley range was launched in mid 2016 to satisfy the demand for good quality spirits that are great in a G&T but also work perfectly as a base to mix in a variety of cocktails.


J.J Whitley Blood orange gin

A dark and rich gin with Mediterranean marmalade orange notes!

Mediterranean Summer orange on the nose, with flavours of candied orange marmalade, infused with subtle earth undertones of liquorice root and warming spice of Cassia Bark. Finished with herbaceous piny juniper notes, complemented by Sicilian summer citrus.


Other Flavours

Tradition is at heart of J.J. Whitley production method. The already delicious classic London Dry Gin is modernised thanks the infusion of interesting flavours like Elderflower and Nettle!


J.J. Whitley Nettle Gin (Abv. 38.6%) is an earthy one, it tastes like a going for a walk in the woods right after the rain has stopped and the sun is shining again. It has an intriguing flavour that is not for everyone – complemented with the right tonic, notes of chopped basil, juniper, crushed coriander and a subtle flavour of citrus peel come through on the nose and palate.



J.J. Whitley Elderflower Gin (Abv. 38.6%) floral and sweet taste is reminiscent of a summer evening in the British Countryside watching the sun that is ready to set. Honey and cinnamon help to round up the sweetness and orange blossom gives that citrusy element that is characteristic of a great gin. We like to enjoy it on in its own on the rocks but it is delicious in a very well balanced G&T with lemon tonic.


J.J. Whitley London Dry Gin (Abv. 38.6%)

Classically heavy on juniper, smooth and with plenty of citrus peels to balance the peppery juniper. Good in a martini, great in a G&T! You will be able to taste lemon, fresh basil, orange, vanilla and finally herbaceous spices.


J.J. Whitley London Dry Gin (Abv. 38.6%)

J.J. Whitley Violet Gin (Abv. 38.6%) has a blend of eight botanicals including juniper, angelica root, coriander and liquorice. Whilst this gin may remind you of the popular ‘Parma Violet’ sweets, the flavour is very natural and comes from the quintessential English country garden flower, the violet!


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