Peter Spanton Tonic Water

peter spanton 1Tonic water, made with bitter quinine mixed with sugar and lemon, was used in India by the British army to ward off Malaria – often helped down with a ration of gin. Years later is it now the quintessential mixer for Gin. Peter Spanton Beverages has looked back to redefine modern tonic water.

Our second “ILoveGin club” monthly G&T box will feature two of the Peter Spanton range: Their Classic No.1 Tonic Water, and their No.9 Cardamom Tonic Water.


In their signature classic No 1. London Tonic, the strong taste of quinine is balanced with Sicilian lemon oil and the essence of bitter orange peel. It is sweetened with Sucralose which is 600 times sweeter than sugar so only a very small amount is needed to produce a perfect tonic of under 4 calories.

Peter Spanton 9



No 9 Cardamom Tonic Water, with extracts of cucumber, is described by the company as “desirable, clever and well-made – these are drinks for those who want more to life than the obvious”, and that certainly sounds like us ILoveGin members! Aimed at the discerning drinker looking for a stylish new soft drink or mixer, this is great on its own but even better when mixed with Sloe Gin – their MD’s favourite pairing!


The Perfect Serves:

London Classic

  • 25ml 6 O’clock London Dry Gin
  • 40-75ml Peter Spanton No.1 London Tonic Water
  • garnish – wheel of lemon


Sloe and tonic

  • 25ml 6 O’clock Sloe Gin
  • 40-75ml Peter Spanton Cardamom Tonic Water
  • garnish – none needed


Be sure to serve your G&T in a large chilled “copa” glass with plenty of ice cubes. Pour the gin in first then top with tonic to the required taste.

If you have any leftover tonic then why not try it on its own, or with a squeeze of lemon of lime- they make great soft drinks!


Each monthly ILoveGin Box will feature one of each of these tonics alongside 6 O’clock London dry Gin and Sloe Gin. Become a member now to get this box delivered to your door

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